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    Hello HC

    Although there are certain parts of the HC makeover that I like, one thing irks me, ie:

    When clicking on a thread to expand that thread in order to read replies to the original, the cursor is returned to the beggining of the list, meaning that one has to scroll down to find the original topic heading again. While that is not a huge problem if the post is near the top of the list, it becomes a real pain in the posterior if the post is further down the list. Given that the response time of the site can also be less than ideal this can become frustrating enough for one to say "bugga it..I cant be bothered" (it is no faster to use the search function for this purpose)...which is a great shame. It may not be such a problem if one has searched on one code only...but I like many like to browse what people are saying about all stocks generally, in which case it is a real problem. Is it possible to somehow have the cursor lock to the selected post while the system expands the thread?

    Anyway I may be missing something so if I am please enlighten me.
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