SRX 0.00% $33.55 sirtex medical limited

sirtex picked by huntley aggressively

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    The H men Huntley and HH are telling clients to get more agressiveness here.Break through this price range is bump upto $4.50-$5.50 quickly. Catalyts are china marketing deal and realization company is on track for biggest growth quarter in company history. Their qaurterly revenues will be surpassing entire previous years revenue by next quarter in 18-20 million range.They are comfortable with 72-78 million in revenue estimate next year in internal estimates. With net margin of 30-37% this is 27 million in earnings or eps of 50-55 cents. Pe is 6x eps with 150%+ growth. this is the lowest PEG ratio they have ever seen of any biotech.
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