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    Anyone holding SRX. Excellent announcement today.

    HOMEX - Sydney

    SIRTeX Medical Limited (Australian Stock Exchange:SRX) announces
    that it has entered into an agreement with AEA Technology to supply
    Yttrium-90 and to manufacture SIR-Spheres(R) in the AEA Technology
    QSA facilities at Braunschweig, Germany.

    SIR-Spheres(R) are biocompatible radio-active microspheres that emit
    beta radiation that are used for the treatment of inoperable liver
    tumours from primary cancers that have spread to the liver. SIR-
    Spheres(R) are implanted using a syringe and travel via the blood
    stream, whereupon the spheres are targeted specifically to the
    tumours within the liver. The SIR-Spheres(R) become trapped in the
    small blood vessels of the tumour. It is not necessary to identify
    either the number or location of the tumours within the liver, as
    the SIR-Spheres(R) target them regardless of where they are. Once
    trapped within the tumour, SIR-Spheres(R) irradiate it by a process
    known as Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT), leading to the
    destruction of the tumour, whilst most of the normal liver tissue
    remains relatively unaffected.

    Yttrium-90 has a relatively short radioactive half-life of 64.1 hours
    and is the radioisotope that is used in SIRTeX's first commercial
    product, SIR-Spheres(R). The ability to obtain this ultra-high
    quality radioisotope and manufacture the finished product in the
    northern hemisphere will greatly simplify the logistics of production
    scheduling and product shipment to hospitals. SIRTeX anticipates that
    both Europe and the USA could be supplied from Braunschweig which has
    well established logistics capabilities. AEA Technology QSA will
    compliment SIRTeX's existing manufacturing capability at Australian
    Radioisotopes (ARI). The two sites will supply geographical markets
    according to SIRTeX's long-term supply plan, ensuring that
    SIR-Spheres(R) is available to patients globally.

    ARI, AEA Technology QSA and SIRTeX are co-operating in the
    development of a new version of SIR-Spheres that utilises the
    ultra-high purity radioisotope from AEAT. To date three trial
    production runs have been successfully completed at ARI. AEAT also
    have a manufacturing facility in Burlington, MA which will also have
    the necessary regulatory approval to be able to manufacture
    SIR-Spheres in the USA.

    This is just one of several risk management strategies that SIRTeX is
    pursuing to ensure that it is always able maintain continuity of
    supply. During the month of April when the Lucas Heights reactor was
    temporarily shut down for routine maintenance, ARI manufactured
    SIR-Spheres(R) from Yttrium-90 that was irradiated at an alternate
    overseas reactor. ARI/SIRTeX have used this reactor for some years to
    supply radioisotopes during reactor shutdowns. The AEA Technology QSA
    Yttrium-90 will also be able to be used in these situations.

    Dr Colin Sutton, CEO of SIRTeX Medical, commented "the manufacturing
    agreement with AEA Technology is a significant strategic step and one
    that will strengthen SIRTeX's position as it begins introducing its
    revolutionary therapies into the northern hemisphere markets."

    AEA Technology QSA is an international market leader in the supply of
    the highest quality radioactive products for medical, industrial,
    environmental and research applications and has been manufacturing
    ultra high purity, carrier-free Yttrium-90 for more than 15 years at
    it's Harwell, UK manufacturing site. QSA is a business within AEA
    Technology plc, one of the world's leading innovation businesses with
    a long history of innovation in nuclear technologies. AEA Technology
    (London Stock Exchange: AAT), while undergoing a significant
    restructuring of it's businesses, has declared interim sales results
    on a continuing basis for the first half of its financial year to
    September 2001 of 136.6GBP million.


    Further information can be obtained by contacting Dr Colin Sutton at
    SIRTeX Medical Limited on (02)9856 0400 (telephone), (02) 9856 0404
    (fax) or by visiting the company's website at

    C Sutton PhD
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