SRX 0.00% $33.55 sirtex medical limited

sirtex makes alot of asian inroads

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    With signing of marketing deals in Korea and India, China is next with its one billion population. HH notes that growth ousides USA is accelerating sharply up and was 300% and now is in 500% range. US growth is accelerating sharply too 150 %-200% , is the range. The Eps estimates are being revised up again and once we get the analysts noticing all these positive developments they will get their retail clients into shares in $7-$8 range as float is only about 5 million ,and they wil all be chasing up same shares. They will then say acquistion is likely scenario and fair value is $13-15 which is still only 25x 2008 eps. So at current 6x 2008 eps estimate this has very nice upside.I am still taking newbies shares on bid until big boys get involved on ask which I am sensing is soon.
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