SRX 0.00% $33.55 sirtex medical limited

sirtex and peter hall and twenty four dollars

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    $50 dollars is very possible sp. With $5 billion USD market, capturing 5% is $250 million revenues. AT 40% net margin this is 100 million in profit. With 57 million shares this is $1.75 IN EPS. At P.E of 33 this is $57.75 sp. The 5 % will take 3years,backtrack 25% for each year. $57.75-.25(57.75)=$43.32-.25(43.32)=$43.32-10.83=$32.49-$8.12= $24.37. So Peter halls fair current value is $24+
    This is alot or 250% upside now
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Currently unlisted public company.

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