SIR 0.00% $2.52 sirius resources nl

SIR up 6%

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    Yippee, SIR up 6%, following the NP spike friday night of intraday turnaround $6.65USlb to 6.85 up 20cUS, or 2.8% from the daily low.

    SIR now spiking but wait...

    WSA up 5% with MCap 15% higher than SIR
    POS up 9%
    PAN MCR DKM all flat or even.

    So can SIR take out that triple top at 2.80-3.10 or is this the dead cat bounce. We might see the next few days, volume shows plenty of selling here though. If NP rockets up SIR may follow but it will pale into comparison to the NI producers benefit in profit right now for the next 2 years of higher income/higher profits.

    Cmon Rob Dennis, you need to be a superman for these lucky SIR dreaming teenagers. Show em how to build real mine precincts like at murrin murrin, windarra, kambalda, Lake Johnston, kalgoorlie where you have worked as underground manager.
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