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    Wayne is Smart

    Here they are jumping up and down
    Naming Swanny as a clown
    Because they think he's missed the bus
    In coming up with a Sir+4Us

    But the thing is they are not correct
    Because their "facts" do not connect
    With what is really going on
    And so it is their in the wrong
    When they say that Wayne has missed the bus
    By not coming up with a Sir+4Us

    Yes our Wayne is on the ball
    And he'll be walking very tall
    When the figures are presented
    We will think its heaven sented
    The status of the budget take
    A Sir+4Us he'll surely make.

    And then will they apologize?
    For the telling of their lies
    About our mate good old Wayne
    Who they said had no brain
    When he comes up with another +
    By coming up with a Sir+4Us

    Of course they wont apologize
    When they come to realize
    That Wayne is not a funny bunny
    And now he has us in the money
    Despite all the noise and all the fuss
    He'll come up with a Sir+4Us
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