America can be overjoyed and so grateful that finally a real...

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    America can be overjoyed and so grateful that finally a real leader, a non politician, has arrived to try to do his best to save their country from being diminished into oblivion under the usual parlous previous Presidents!

    Donald Trump has held firm beliefs for decades surrounding the incompetence of politicians to effectively run the country. Past leaders have merely continued the status quo with a little tinkering here and there. DT has revolutionised the government and has adopted many proactive national and international measures to progress his country. The country he demonstrably loves.

    He is winning all the way despite the constant barrage of mindless and baseless criticism by the omnipresent leftist throng of un American fools who either cannot see the forest for the trees in terms of his obvious progressive measures or are simply hell bent on being destructive of their country by complicity in aiding and abetting the vicious and vindictive Democrats who believe they are born to rule!!!

    The USA needs 3 more terms of a Trump dynasty to fully restore it to full health and world pre-eminence.
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