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    From what I can deduce from public-domain info, the various locking devices embodied in TZ's current access-control (ie electronic locking) products are based on the Radial fastener as the core electromechanical element.

    I am not aware of any other of TZ's SMA based actuator or fastener architectures (eg Larson door lock, Airbus door & overhead bin lock, Beam clip based apps, glovebox locks etc etc) which have survived/progressed.

    IMO in cabinet, locker & rack locking apps, the use of SMA provides no "killer app" advantage over alternatives (solenoids, motor based mechanisms etc).

    Any mechanism advantages are more subtle - eg lower cost, greater life, improved reliability, small size, silent operation, release-under-load capability etc.

    The remainder is down to system-level capability (call it software if you like) - user facilities, user interface, ease of installation etc. These aspects are independent of how the electromechanical locking mechanism functions. Whether TZ is superior or inferior in these areas - I guess time will tell.

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