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    When Gold Closes Above $371.50
    $400 Will Promptly Be Taken Out On The Upside

    First Two Weeks of February Have Super Bullish Potential Implications

    Well, you have done it.

    I hear from my broker friends and off the trading floor that many millions of gold share certificates have been ordered for delivery. It appears as if some of the big investors have had it with the disinformation that has been a tool of the bearish interest. Disinformation because it has been the short sellers and ratio spreaders who have caused the gold shares to under perform. Then the same traders called attention to that manufactured under-performance as proof that gold has had it at $372 due to technical non-confirmation by the gold shares of the gold move.

    Did you notice all the gold share downgrades done recently on gold shares by the major investment banks that are the owners of cartel by common interest gold banks? Let's see if the under-performance of gold shares case holds over the next few days. I doubt it. It looks to me as if gold and gold shares and silver changed their personality today.

    I hear there are some very uncomfortable shorts out there. Guess what their only defense is now since they have shorted well over the average daily trading volume of the listed gold shares? They are also short gold and silver juniors which I think is total lunacy. Their only defense is to buy gold to offset the short in the shares. When gold closes over $371.50, the shorts in gold shares will be screaming into gold for protection and if they can will be screaming out of their short of gold share and silver share positions.

    Gold is headed over $400 now, IMO.

    I believe that I know exactly where it is going and will post to the community, individually, on my web site registration for emails after thoroughly combing the list for ringers. I will not post the price on my web site. Each member that gets the post should inform those people they know, but not post it on the web. I told you I am good, but not that good. We are being watched by the opposition and the 1/3 sell point now after we held tight at $324.50 & $330 & $354.50 belongs to us. It is your property in my mind. I want it for you and I am going to do everything I can to get it for you.

    Go to and register for the email list which now is my private email list since it is automated registry. There will be no company promotion coming to you. You have my word on that. Soon I will be up on where you will get 24-hour commentary from me since so many of our community are in different parts of the planet. Those that are trading gold may want to have an account that can trade gold 24 hours a day as I do. I want to be of service to you all. Your success is my reward. I want this for you more than I want it for me. We have waited 22 years for this. I can get all the sleep I need after gold is remonetized. During the last great gold market I never slept more than 4 hours a night. I didn't want to miss anything. This is my life and outside of this and my family, I neither have nor want anything else. I truly love markets and gold is my thing. I will soon post the advertisement for and press comment of the first Gold seminar that was sponsored by Harry Schultz when gold was at $68 per ounce under "War Stories."

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