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    Silver Has Declared Itself

    Gold Breaking Out of Triangular Consolidation

    For An Assault of the Key Level

    $354.50 versus close - Any Market

    Technically speaking, "Here We Go." I will give the community a technical review this evening but now at 1:10PM EDT the various markets key to gold and gold itself are indicating the potential with a high probability that the reaction is going to end on our schedule by Monday close or sooner. This then means for those that sold, repositioning should be accomplished. For the front running gold shares, you should be in position now, IMO. For the speculators amongst us (Yes, I have stopped yelling at the dark and recognize you are worthy members of this community) the call options, in the money, for February, on the front running gold shares should return 100% quickly assuming I have read the market right. Remember there are no guarantees, but you have my best efforts.

    How to determine what a front running share is:

    Go to the free site and select your share symbol placing it in the "CHART" box. For Toronto listed chases put in CA: and a space before typing in the symbol. For put in the Toronto symbol and then T.O. Now select "interactive chart" top middle of the page and select "indicators" on the left side. Then select "Compare To" which is in fact an RSI (Relative Strength Indicator). Now select by typing in "HUI" which is the AMEX Gold Bug Index. How your share has performed versus the "HUI" will appear as a line above at or below your share. That is how your share has performed compared to the "HUI." For those that have a site with ability to compare your share to gold itself, that is preferable method, IMO. You can by putting in the popular listed and unlisted shares find the front runners. For the fun of it and not for trading, see if any junior has outperformed TNX on the TSE and let me know what its symbol is if there is one.

    Note that you can include multiple symbols in the "Compare To" box to determine relative strength of multiple stocks.

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