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simple solution

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    I am not a holder of MON, but I have enjoyed the recent threads.

    One thing everyone seems to be missing is that MK has already rejected Chinese investment previously with TTY. I daresay, before MON went belly up there would be a number of Chinese parties still willing to give money to MK. Hence he could still bail out MON before ditching it. I am sure the Chinese would love to invest in a gold company with loads of resources, even if expensive to recover gold. They have to money to burn and would love more access to Aussie resources.

    Furthermore he seems to have a lot of confidence in the money flowing from Dubai and that region, so he obviously has some good connections cashwise should he need it.

    By the way I am not an MK supporter, and I don't like the way funds pass from one company to the next in his stable, nor do I appreciate the way he tarts reports up. However without knowing the full story I suppose punters can either choose to invest or not to invest.

    MON seems to be touch and go at present, however, I daresay there are alternatives for financing and I am sure MK knows much more than he is saying.

    I don't advocate the lending of monies from IRL either, however, all prior loans were repaid, so before everyone bags this as a loss, wait until the loan date expires prior to making judgement.

    Plenty of posters will obviously disagree with this post, but hey, that's my 2 bobs worth. You either sit it out or bail and find another stock. That's the nature of the stockmarket beast!


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