simon crean response to budget

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    Well I watched the Crean response to the budget.

    What stands out like good Geelong footballers is that the Senate is going to give The Government a hard time. They are clearly going to knock back all manner of things. Whether you agree with their ideas or not Labour
    is no longer running a small target policy. Howard will have to have a double dissolution with all its risks if he wants to get his policies through.

    The longer he leaves it the more messy it will become.

    1) The problem with the Gocernor General is not going to go away.

    2) Medicare is a real winner for Labour. The point is that
    they have shown that bulk billing can be preserved. This
    is something that John Howard is going to find hard to answer.

    Choice A) you go to the doctor and it costs zero

    Choice B) you go to the doctor and pay part of the bill

    Present system) you go to the Doctor, pay the whole bill and then have to get a refund.

    Clearly choice B) is better than the present system but
    not as good as Choice A).

    I hope like hell it won't happen but if a Sards Epidemic
    shows up the inadequacy of the public health system
    then Howard could be in deep poo.
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