SILVER - wants to move higher...

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    Silver moved above its immediate higher high at 4.62 today, to trade at todays high at 4.63, now settled at 4.61.. thus continuing its immediate uptrend, spot euro is now approx 100 pips from parity - the dollar index futures has broken below the ascending wedge consolidating pattern with a VOlume sPike on weekly chart.. So keep an eye on the shiny yellow and white stuff - agriculture and softs futures are in mass boomage mode, metals will eventually follow the lead as prices will generally rise to offset rising production costs.. producer prices have risen and are about to KaBooM into the stratosphere if the Fed doesn't raise rates we may be paying a ridiculous amount of money for a loaf of bread and a litre of milk in six months..inflation is a monster and must be stopped now ! Central Banks across the world must act and raise rates, there is no other solution..If the consumer goes, woTs left ?

    Go Gold, Go Silver !
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