silver - the pressure pot

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    From LeMetropoleCafe on Silver AG
    "Perhaps the best news of the day is the word circulating on the
    Comex floor to "not be short silver under any circumstances." That
    comes from the folks that have been running silver up and down like
    a yo-yo these past months. Riggers, or no, their comments merit the
    most serious attention. Their previous calls have been on the money,
    so this is another call that I am taking to heart. My guess is the
    price capping of silver is NOW OVER!
    Silver at these prices make no sense. It is about to FLY and could
    rocket through $5 very quickly!!!
    GATA's Ed Steer on silver:
    Hi Bill,
    Things are getting interesting in the silver market. This is the
    third day in a row that we've had upward movement in silver lease
    rates. Today, rates more than doubled in the front months (to
    1.44%), and up 70% in the one year to 1.70%. Not a lot, but the most
    activity there's been in quite a while. With the situation in silver
    even more precarious than it is in gold, it bears keeping an eye on it.
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