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    Spoke to my STALKER source. First time in a week as I have been away, as you know. He has some goodies for us from his London silver dealer contact:

    *The Russians were substantial buyers of silver in September, second only to the Saudis.

    *The silver shortage is spreading outside of England to other countries.

    *He is looking for $8.50 silver in the weeks and months to come, yet is now even more bullish. Price could EASILY go higher than that.

    *He recently had trouble filling a $1 million order, which is not a large one for him.

    *The market is getting tighter and tighter.

    *The buyers want DELIVERY, not paper. They want the real goods. This is a more recent development.

    *There are some willing sellers, which could put some volatility in the market, even taking silver below $7. This source believes this will be a real buying opportunity as the price will not stay down there for any length of time.

    *Recent word in London has both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates active in silver.

    The silver open interest rose 2361 contracts to 101,879. The Comex silver warehouse stocks were unchanged at 106,945,810. That is a new low since my last report to you on them.

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