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silver smashes through 20 dollars oz

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    May not be CBHs primary metal but Silver looks to be ready to do what all the silver bugs have been talking about for years .A massive spike has been predicted for silver ,that could take it to the hundreds of dollars mark .If we see $50 ,I would be happy .
    The Endeavour silver deal with CXC will see CBH recieving 50 % of the silver price over $7 ,possibly by year end .At $20 ,that will certainly add some dollars to the bottom line .Rasp silver is all CBHs and will make mining much more profitable .There is also real upside for the project economics of Sorby Hills with 81 gms of silver per ton ,and contains the largest endowment of silver after Endeavour. High silver and lead prices virtually guarantee this project a start . Even Panorama contains around 9moz of silver ,that never gets a mention .
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