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Agree. ANW's management is so hopeless that they probably aren't...

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    ANW's management is so hopeless that they probably aren't even aware that ANW's tenements border the the “highest grade undeveloped silver project in Australia”. For example in the recent ASX announcement on the 23rd February 'Positive Indications in Tin Projects Re-evaluation' management makes reference to silver drill results completed in 1971 from a prospect called 'Arvid' - 5km southwest of the Taronga project. If they had bothered to inform themselves that Taronga's neighbour is Webbs Silver project - surely they would have mentioned it in preference to 50 year old drilling results?!?

    I think it is important however that investors know the silver potential of the area. I only stumbled on it last night by accident, and if it were up to management I probably would never have known.

    Hopefully, the new investors who were able to gain a $2m placement did so with conditions, and they are able to shake up management and get rid of some dead wood.
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