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    Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 21:23
    Coral Calcium (After Hours Trades) ID#202116:
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    I just came across something I have never ever seen before and I am guessing we are in for a silver stocks EXPLOSION tomorrow. After hours Pan American Silver had 76 trades at 5:49 P.M. at progressively higher prices. This is UNHEARD OF. I thought it was a mistake, so then I checked Silver Standard Resources, and they had 55 separate trades at 5:53 P.M. All I can tell you is that something BIGGER than BIG is known by someone and it is slowly leaking out. I suspect we might find out what it is very soon. Will there be an announcement by Sptizer's office that they will be doing an investigation into the silver market? If so, that alone could cause silver to go to $10 in a heartbeat if the Commercials are even forced to cover 25% of their 400+ million ounces. Maybe I'm just dreaming or something, but this could be a move that could be unprecedented in market history and even cause a default in the Silver Comex market.
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