silver....mco, mmn, mar & atx

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    A$ down, silver up.....what a great start to the week.
    A little interest being shown in MCO this morning too.

    Countdown is on for the commencement of MAR's drilling program....Kick off is set down for Jan. 18th.

    The Lone Ranger, Tonto and, yep, you guessed it, Silver as well have all applied for, and been granted, permanent residency in our fair land, and as a show of good faith are now major stake holders in ATX, MMN & MAR.
    There are no greater proponents of Silver, apart from my good self, than the above mentioned trio. I wonder could LR be joining me on the register by buying MCO as well??? for thought indeed.
    Hi Ho Silver......Awaaay.
    Good luck to my fellow silver buffs, it is indeed exciting times we live in.
    Cheers all,
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