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    Whilst I have rarely posted on Hotcopper since 2000, I still lurk around on the site daily and noticed your request on silver.
    I have completed a number of silver related articles, which run through the basic fundamentals and list the small number of primary silver companies and those where the silver mineralisation is secondary to gold, copper, zinc and lead.

    Another recent article you may find useful

    After some success with Macmin, I then was presented with the opportunity of supporting a new silver IPO, Malachite Resources (MAR) which I took the role as the lead retail broker to the issue (raised app $500,000) and have since purchased another 1.9 million shares for clients and family on market. (price range of 11c to 24c).
    Whilst my major focus is on the junior resource sector as a whole, I find the fundamentals for silver far more compelling than other sector and am prepared to ride out the short-term volatility with no regard for technical analysis or the recent study which indicated that the silver deficit has indeed shrunk (fact remains as another poster pointed out a deficit is still a deficit).

    You could say I have put a fair amount at stake with my call on silver, but believe that during the next phase of the precious metals bull market the limited opportunities that present themself in silver could well be translated to significant profits once the mainstream financial press instigate their long awaited coverage of the sector.

    The articles and research carry the usual disclaimers, whilst clients have smaller holdings of a number of the stocks mentioned.



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