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According to your cost of USD$100/kg for CNTs the price of a...

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    According to your cost of USD$100/kg for CNTs the price of a gallon of EC should cost at least USD$18.90 just for the CNTs.

    Exactly. Water and SDS are basically free. So you are looking at ~25% gross margin.

    I will suggest that it cost $20kg for CNTs so the 42,000 gallons cost AUD$226,800 (about half of the aforementioned RAW materials cost).

    From numbers in the the patents the gas and electricity costs alone are much higher. EDE would sell Edencrete far cheaper to get sales if that was the case.

    You are totally ignoring all the other inputs - plant and equipment, labour, energy etc. These are costed separately and are far higher than the raw materials.

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