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    ATH has not reported anything about PBT2 during the last year. However, the UQ microbiologists have published at least 4 science papers: the 2 published on the 11th of Jan (tetracycline and ampicillin paper), a gonorrhea paper in October, and a Fusobacterium paper in August. So it looks that Queensland does not need to be silent and they can promote a possible deal.

    At the end of the tetracycline paper, they promote sales by saying: "Rescuing the efficacy of existing therapies for the treatment of MDR A. baumannii infection represents a financially viable pathway, reducing time, cost, and risk associated with drug innovation".

    In the ampicillin paper, they say: "This study highlights the potential for PBT2 to be used in combination with existing antibiotics as a low-cost adjunct to break drug resistance and restore the efficacy of frontline antibiotics for the treatment of severe bacterial pneumonia infections".

    So they are telling the big pharma the power of PBT2 with the purpose to promote a deal. They seem to be the salespeople and ATH seems to be only silent. With these publications, it is clear that UniQuest is committed to the business and I only hope ATH is not blocking these negotiations most likely happening at present. UQ will most likely publish more of these papers, I expect and hope a cephalosporin paper because the market value of cephalosporins is high.

    It is clear that by restoring the efficacy of old antibiotics there will be a "new deal" in the antibiotic market.
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