Signs of Our Desperate Times

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    Signs of Our Desperate Times

    The 21 st Century seems to have made a poor start and these signs don’t bode well for the planet.

    In the political realm we hear of rise of authoritarian regimes.

    There is widespread concern and public protests about global migration, global warming,

    There are multiple protests against global capitalism as elites grow richer, well-paying jobs disappear.

    Economies are becoming financialized as stock markets focus more on taking money rather than making for investment in factories, machinery, and infrastructure.

    There is the proliferation of addictive technologies; cell phones, video games and the decline of important social skills like empathy and politeness.

    Political leaders displaying racism, sexism, chauvinism and nativism, leading to riots and violent confrontations.

    Modern culture is dominated by -isms, e.g. rationalism, intellectualism, materialistic atheism, scientism and materialism.

    Public welfare and lifelong security is demanded by people not interested in pulling their weight.

    There is a rise of fundamentalist churches displaying self-righteous judgmentalism.

    We see a loss of spiritual authority due to the inability of the Churches to come to terms adequately with the scientific spirit.

    We have mass movements that think at the lowest common level of consciousness spreading hate.

    Power hungry people are fomenting division, violence, abuses of people, lies, chaos, and loss of morals and decency.

    The internet is filled with pseudoscience and false news.

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