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    The amount of interest in APG has dwindled. There has been too many announcements about what needs to happen or will happen based on continued partnership arrrangements - They need to do something before people will reinvest in this company that has been drifting down at a rate of knots.

    The announcement sounds hopeful (sic), however, the market has largely ignored it. The volumes haven't changed ( increased).

    The market is jaded with continued promises of good news. Please don't misunderstand my commnets. I used to hold APG and the technology sounds very good. The issue I had was, if the technology was that good, why wasn't there a stampede to the front doors of APG, especially to process the sands in the Murry basin??

    My 2cents worth - Your money may be better off in PPT (they have great management and lots of CASH) or AEO (good Financials' they have cash in the bank and a modest PE)

    Catch ya later and good trading.
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