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As Alliance are unwilling or too busy to make an investor...

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    As Alliance are unwilling or too busy to make an investor presentation I decided to put together some slides myself.

    Preempting bitchy comments, yeah I ripped the template off from PLS, they have the best marketing we don't, if you don't like that let me inform you now I don't care.

    Hopefully this inspires A40 to release an investor presentation for the new company, with information above and a whole lot more.

    I would like to see details on plans past the next few months, we heard talk of offtake deal 2 & offtake deal 3 aswell, we only have enough free supply for one offtake deal, I would like to the complete plan for offtake 3 as it obviously involved DMS 2.0.

    I would also like to know of exploration plans as we get deeper into the year, we should be using profits to pay off fines construction and the rest I would like to see us go drill more resources, plans for exploration would be nice.

    Mark Calderwood please don't just keep the your plans to yourself, take Ken from PLS lead don't be shy to share the market embraces sharing.
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