sick of labor lies

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    Go Rose, average aussies sick of labor lies;

    "we own our own modest home and a Holden and a Nissan.

    we have no debts, live modestly, never eat out except for our son's/daughter's birthday annually and enjoy a nice bottle of wine 3-4 nights a week.

    We have no grandchildren- have private health cover and are very fit and believe in prevention rather than cure-

    So why did we vote in a conservative party?

    1-after 37 years of marriage and time to evaluate many elections- we have not at any time had a socialist goverment that in any way improved our human condition- every time despite all the rhetoric they COST us big time by highter interest rates and profligate spending- we paid big time on entering the home market and even bigger selling.

    The Liberal Goverment helped many young attain their first home which we appoved of despite neither of our children were able to benefit- only complaint- SHOULD have been means tested.

    As a nurse under all labor goverments we suffered greater difficulties funding shortfalls for staff and beds- not that the conservatives have no share in the blame but under labor it has been more difficult.

    2-It was naive to think that security can just depend on a coast guard patrol and on our shores- Mark L' need to review his history books re start of WW1& 2- no man nor country is an 'Island' we are all our brothers keeper- If we do nothing and do not support our allies we cannot exoect them to come to our aid if ever in trouble-and whilst I have no animosity to any Asian peoples I am not totally convinced that the 250 million Indonesians just a few k's from our shores entertain the same level of benevolance toward us.

    As individuals they are delightful and charming people, I have friends from those regions and friends who have children married to Asians some who are Muslims.

    I have never believed that Saddam had not evil and entertained grandiose plans for world domination and one should NEVER give someone of his ilk the benefit of the doubt. He gave enough indications of his capabilities - witness Iran, Kuwait, and the Kurds and his own citizens.

    Oil a consideration- naive to think otherwise- but stupid beyond belief to allow such a dictator to hold the rest of the world to ransome over resources that they could never have developed and marketed without the vast resources of America and Great Britain' France and the Dutch. We cannot allow one man to cause the whole western world to collapse through the witholding of oil or sending the price to a level where business cannot afford to function and you cannot afford to fill your car.

    3- Schools- devisive and mean spirited and hatred for those who have achieved despite his emty talk of 'ladders of opportunity' 'easing the squeeze always reminds one of a womans elastic girdle ease the pressure over the belly and it is transfered to the diaphragm and asphyxiate.

    Health---speaks for itself

    Finally they are so out of touch with real people and insult our intelligence at their peril-We may not have the benefit of the airy halls of academia but most of us are real people who can and do think for themselves and do not wish to be dictated too and told what is best for us.

    I could go on but I will be censored

    Lastly they showed no reason why we should trust them-whilst denigrating a good and decent man The Prime Minister in the most vile and disgusting way and showed themselves unfit to represent us on the world stage

    Posted by: Rose at October 13, 2004 at 11:38 AM

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