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shut down the website

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    THe website is so factually incorrect that it really should be closed down. Here are a couple of quotes I found while having a quick look at it :

    *** This company, Lumacom Limited, is entirely focused on the commercial application of the science, and owns the worldwide patents and all the rights associated with the LED-based signage system known as LumaSigns.

    *** Lumacom continues to be managed by the same innovators and business people that developed the properties of psychophysics and the electronic technology in the early 80's. The company is now operating in most parts of the world whilst continuing LumaSign product development at its laboratory facilities in Perth, Western Australia.

    *** Directors / Senior Management:
    Mr Wilton Timothy Carr Ingram (Non Exec. Chairman)
    Mr Rex William Turkington (Non Exec. Director)
    Mr John Anthony Dollisson (Non Exec. Director)
    Mr Wally Borovac (CFO)

    There is obviously no mention of their current core business which is manufacturing el cheapo aluminium & steel benches in China and flogging them off for very little margin to the Yanks and Canadians. No mention of the unipoles which they are manufacturing for the US indigenous Indians, etc.

    What is the relevance of their website now?
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