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show and tell time for mky in this coming week

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    Directors were busy last week with the Chinese delegation (5 government officials) who spent 2 days viewing our new bauxite tenements. Chalco already have an office in Brisbane, so for thes guys to fly out from China is promising indead. That now out of the way, we should get news happening on........

    The long awaited valuation by Andy White on the Delminco bauxite leases (MKY is purchasing via share swap)must be made available in the lead up to November AGM

    Further technical data on Delminco's non-bauxite leases, that are included in share swap.

    Update re the Chinese delegation visit to bauxite tenements that took place last week

    Some further news re the MKY-owned bauxite tenements - technical/resource/drilling program related

    Drill results from Wally2 - should reveal direction/way forward

    Some further news re the COAL EPC

    The above should also include the strategic direction - way forward for MKY to becoming a substantial multi commodity explorer/MINER - that management have planned for the company

    Housekeeping issues..... website finalised/up and running

    For MKY to become a substantial explorer/miner the Board will probably be explanded - Delminco's director Ralph De Lacey, prominent FNQ geo, is a good choice. If another (certain) AEC director comes on board, it will certainly spice things up!

    ASX multi-commodity listing finalised

    Looking forward to the week(s) ahead.....
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