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should have gone berserk

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    I guess there are many ppl ready to take profits and that is prbably why the sp suffered today. It could also be that SM sentiment is working against CNP, i.e. bear market, but I can't understand why the sp is lower than before the weekend announcement.

    It defies all logic for CNP to fall today - also DOW was Ok, indicators are non-discretionary spending will remain steady in the US and Oz, Centro has good properties, with good tenants and as I understand it, is seen to be a good manager of these properties. Furthermore, Centro was paying its bills (please no technicalities about defaults - there were no defaults according to the company and none of its creditors have said anything).

    Completely defies all reason - in fact defies the balance sheet and all financial reports from Centro. Even the banks are willing to support it!

    What am I missing?
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