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    "The thing holding the share price back"
    is a company who has an interest in keeping the price low so it benefits big time down the track. think about it this is going nowhere in the short term and will never see $2.20 even if Shougang ink the deal, which may not happen at all while this deal goes down. Just put on hold like all other negotiations. If price is kept low as it has been it makes the deal look great. Sad for all small holders Clives plan has finally materialised, he can't lose from here and price won't increase cause its one selling to another so they keep exactly where they want, no matter how many others buy. everytime buyers come in, sellers pound them back, a joke really. upside capped at $2.20 no premium for anyone or anything and reports that clive has caved in to small holders makes me feel like puking, he has top advisers, he has been burnt once and won't let it happen again. he hates Labour Gov and this will go off shore if it doesn't kiss your doh ray me good bye! so roll the dice all or nothing, thats also why big end ain't on board, the independant report will say, accept deal or SP will dive, they'll cut and paste that from last Independant report. no positives here guys or at least no ones pointed any out so far.
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