shorts i have missed ...

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    Hmmm... it is one thing to focus on the trades we make ... good or bad.

    There have been comments here in recent times bemoaning the lack of trading opportunities .. either SHORT or LONG.

    I am reminded from time to time of the trades I didn't make which constitute lost opportunity.

    Whilst it is true that few LONG opportunities lately ... here is a list of SHORT trades I feel I have missed in the last two weeks or so.

    AWC volumes?
    BHP hesitated
    CML dah???
    JHX missed badly
    LLC zzzzzzzzzz
    RIO out to lunch
    WBC still waiting???

    I feel it is worthwhile reviewing our individual performance from time to time ... we can all do better.

    Cheers ...

    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.
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