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    Well, usually, when BS shorty appears on a TV channel, I rush for the remote control so as not to listen and watch this dull, monotone, "i feel sorry for myself", narcissistic being.
    By implication I never thought I'll see the day that I actually go to the effort to do a search on the web to see what he is and what he stands for. But, with the tv, and the remote, at a distance from where i'm sitting now, I couldn't, by the press of a button, wipe his face of the screen when it appeared again on the same screen a moment ago. So I thought I'll do a quick surf to see what this guy is about.

    Never liked him and like him even less after coming across these article which, to you, is very old and boring news. Yet, I believe we should not loose this out of sight while the "intellectual" plebii of this nation continues to try and burn those who try and govern in an honest way. Poofter/sook??. This old material speaks for itself:

    and then this:

    and then this:

    Whether true or not, is this the type of person you would like running the country?

    And as I'm typing away, the "%^&" appeared once again on the TV screen in a distance. Time to go fetch that remote.
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