Shorten's $60 Billion dollar new tax...

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    It seems that Mr Shortens's little plan to cut Australia's emissions by 45% by 2030 will cost the economy an estimated $60 billion dollars MORE than what the Coalition is proposing according to economic modelling.

    $60,000,000,000.00 that is 60 million million dollars...That's around $2500.00 for every man woman and child in this country!

    And, Bill's lofty target is apparently totally unachievevable without sending our hard earned cash overseas to "buy" carbon credits from countries that do nothing...

    How stupid is that. Bill's plan for an Australian companies to send millions of dollars overseas to some backward countries belching crap into the atmosphere to give it to them in exchange for a "feel good virtuous" piece of paper that reads they now have a million dollars worth of "credits" to offset their taxes to be paid to our Government.

    Gee whiz, another brilliant Labor Part plan to kill off Australia once and \for all.

    Is it little wonder shifty Bill won't dare mention what the ALP's silly idea will cost us. The most ludicrous thing about this is that spending this fortune will do absolutely nothing to change the climate.

    While we are killing ourselves with ridiculous expense, the USA, India China the biggest emitters are just soldiering on looking after their people and actually increasing emissions, so for every kg of CO2 we think we cut, their is double emitted some where else.

    Yeah sure, look to cut emissions, but to kill off the economy in search of some unattainable Utopian pipe dream is just plain stupid!

    In my opinion if you are thinking about voting for Bill's insane plan you should make arrangements to be committed to psychiatric care straight after are plainly not well.
    This is the time to think about not only your own future but that of the country for once...

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