Shorten , Steggall , GET UP Abbott posters

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    Shorten a founding director of Extreme Left Wing group GET UP.

    Steggall recieves help from GET UP.

    When will Steggall stop lying?

    GetUp in frame for Abbott posters

    Police are interested in talking to several “known” far-left activists as part of an investigation into offensive posters placed around Tony Abbott’s electorate on Sydney’s northern beaches.
    Confirmation yesterday that the investigation was now “advanced” came as it was revealed that Mr Abbott’s campaign team has given police photos of two senior GetUp organisers who have been active in the push to oust the former prime minister.
    The Abbott team handed over photos from social media and other documents related to the two GetUp organisers late last week, after viewing CCTV footage released by police from the night when posters appeared on May 1.
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