Shorten on Insiders

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    What a dunce.

    Even Cassidy could not evoke a sensible answer from the union bully boy regarding turning the country around from the disastrous economic situation that the last Labor government left us in.

    Motherhood statement after motherhood statement. No answer to the burning questions of Medicare; Uni fees; Pensions etc etc etc . Just plain old dumb motherhood statements and anti Abbott repetition. Typical! No idea.

    To imagine this boofhead as being our next Prime Minister is an insult to ones intelligence.

    Having said that however, the results in Qld and Victoria give a very good indication that our education system is broken.
    The average intelligence has radically diminished over recent years with hip pocket nerve and vision reduced to the end of ones nose predominating.

    Here we go again. Labor in power, Libs to come in again to try to fix the current and pending Labor disasters!

    It was ever thus. This country should be and could be, so much better!
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