Business will leave our shores if Shorten gets in. He wants a...

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    Business will leave our shores if Shorten gets in. He wants a war on what he calls the “top end of town” and he won’t get it. They have options in a global economy and that won’t be Australia. They don’t want the increased taxation, costs, and they certainly won’t like the red tape of the greens or arguments with unions. The “big end of town” is human and Life is too short for that when you have choices. They won’t make a big deal of it as they will want to protect the operations they leave behind, and give themselves options for later, but they will leave. These are the entrepreneurs, risk takers, movers and shakers, the often called “rain makers”. Without them the economy has no kick starts apart from government who do it with other people’s money.

    If if you think I am incorrect speak to some of the people from the “big end of town”. They don’t make much noise as they have options, and the worst thing for Australia is if they choose options outside of Australia. Them leaving would leave Australia to the worst sides of socialism, and a dependency on that, as any empty space needs to be filled.
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