Thanks sailor girl - I really hope to see some constructive...

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    Thanks sailor girl - I really hope to see some constructive commentary here in the future -
    One can only hope for discussion and maturity - not side taking and personal snipes -

    I was very pleased today that Australia spoke -
    What they said was stop grandstanding and do things in a sensible manner - It really gave me hope that commonsense will continue to rule in this country - if we prosper financially then there will be money to transition into a future of renewables and look after the concerns of the climate - it does not have to be all or nothing -

    I have seen bosses come and go from my simple job that I do to pay the bills whilst I continue the trading education -
    The idiots always get ejected - those that work hard keep their jobs and command a bit of respect - we can take care of everyone - but nothing happens in 5 minutes -
    The brainwashing of our young folks( uni students ) is a short sighted game - in the end those that run businesses have to be profitable to continue to employ people we can

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