Your mob ? is incorrect, I only wish for the ones that will...

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    Your mob ? is incorrect, I only wish for the ones that will damage Aus the least.

    IMO Shorten seriously will be a disaster. Never have I been so stressed over the elections.

    Liberals at least have a half decent plan for the future.

    All I see Shorten doing, is checking whats on the news,
    then saying he will fix it. How ? how will he will pay for it ?

    He is unashamed to raise taxes from the rich as he calls them, I call them the hardworking.

    Punishing people who have made it in life, is ridiculous, is that not what we strive to do since birth,
    what our schools aspire us to do ?

    Then when you do so, there they are, waiting to call you rich and squeeze you dry.

    There are those who deserve welfare, the old, the disabled.
    People when they are in financial trouble deserve help too, for a shorter period, say a year.

    Able People who have been on welfare for years, that is a different story. Give them 6 months time, and then
    the pension stops.

    How many towns, most on the dole for years. They have time to drink, fish, party ? Use that time to find a job.

    Whats the improvement from years of welfare paid for long terms, in reality, not much.

    The more the bludgers screw up, the more the hard worker pays out of his pocket.

    Welfare is a great thing, but its massively abused. That needs to stop.

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