Shorten bet on Turnbull, and loses big

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    Shorten bet on Turnbull, and loses big

    Opposition leader Bill Shorten has just made a complete idiot of himself.

    First, he moved a motion of no-confidence in Tony Abbott after only a few questions in Question Time, wasting a great chance to embarrass the Prime Minister. It was as if he hadn’t done his homework.

    But worse was to come.

    To back up his motion, he gave a speech attacking Malcolm Turnbull! He had clearly thought Turnbull would win this morning, and hadn’t had the wit to change tactics.

    When this was pointed out to him by Christopher Pyne, Shorten tried to wing it. His speech degenerated in the ramble of complaints.

    Complete joke.

    The minute the Liberals can attack Shorten the way they’ve attacked each other, more voters will see how totally unprepared he is for high office.

    Tanya Plibersek was little better. She started by whingeing about poll figures for Abbott. If Parliament passed no confidence motions in Prime Ministers every time they got bad poll figures, Gillard would not have lasted six months.
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