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    hello people...i am a long term investor. A retired newspaper publisher and a keen and growing interest in the australian stock market. The unsubstantiated tripe being peddled by the mainstream media is growing to preposterous proportions. For the record....Global warming is a figment of imagination and a way for people like al gore to promote themselves and their causes. The knee jerk television watching populations demand the badness and ugliness of well anything bad and ugly. (see national geographic Lake Tahoe drought and water levels). There is no shortage of fossil fuels in the world and unlikely to be for hundreds of years. Like BHP not announcing for years they were sitting on an extra 2billion or so of natural gas in bass strait. Plenty more where that come from no shortage of gas anywhere nuisance stuff really because oil is more desirable the price can be manipulated much easier. With the hysteria surrounding alleged shortages of commodities oversupply is going to be the enemy of investors not the shortage of a commodity. Coal makes fertiliser ingredients, oil and gas. Megatons of coal in the ground. Uranium is overabundant in the ground and there is a massive oversupply looming. So why the stress? why the tripe and hysteria? of course that sort of behaviour can drive a share price up fine...but don't quote these so called shortages as fact, they are not.
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