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shortage of physical gold and sentimental valu

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    Taken fron the World Gold Council Website "around 70% of gold demand is jewellery, 11% is industrial (dental, electronics) and 13% is investment".
    Something I have been thinking about for a while which has prompted me to post goes something along the likes of this.
    Im having trouble writing this due to writers block but what Im trying to say is that for this 70% of gold used in jewellery, how much of this gold has extraordinary premiums attached to its price and sentimental value attached to it and how much of it will not be sold at the current POG....I for one have several pieces of jewellery that carry such heavy sentimental value that I dare even think of a figure that I would sell it for....not one of those people who would rather die then sell it but what im saying is that someone would have to offer me an extraordinary amount to get rid of it...or it there would have to be very dire circumstances but much of this sort of gold on a global scale is locked away for this very reason? I think alot. And what does it effect the physical shortage of gold rumours that are flying about...i dont know but surely it take a significant portion of physical gold out of the the current prices anyway....
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