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Signs Of … Slim Pickings and EOFY Tax SelloffsSP 0-0.025: BCB,...

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    Signs Of … Slim Pickings and EOFY Tax Selloffs

    SP 0-0.025: BCB, BD1, BMG, IHL, MEI, NOR, PDI
    SP 0.026-0.05: CLA, IME, IOD, OLI, RAN
    SP 0.051-0.075: KNM, TON, VRX
    SP 0.076-0.10: AXE, AGY

    Tiniest list I've ever had. Oh well, it won't take long to research that lot. June is a notoriously bad month in speccy land.
    Technically, out of that lot, AGY caught the eye.
    Breaking over 10 cents to keep an eye on: ALC, PCK, PXX, RES, YOJ
    From the 38 companies in the 12 May and 26 May "Lift Off Watch Lists", only AVZ, CLA and DEV are holding onto gains over 15%. Being June, there's not much point continuing here, so I'll delete those Watch lists.

    All the hot money went to Rare Earths late in the week. If you weren't in it, you're not paying attention to the STT. Mind you the 20% gains at the end of the week, basically got back the 20% pullback that occurred at the start of the week.
    It's worth keeping in mind that this is all predicated upon what China will possibly (probably?) do. If that doesn't eventuate, this sector will turn real cold, real fast. I grabbed a bit of PEK and PM8 mid week, so I'm hoping the hype continues at least for another week.



    Now darling little Meghan's image has taken a bit of a battering the last few months, punctuated by Nasty Uncle Donald.
    Never fear, Uncle PJ to the rescue ….

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