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    Weekend Lounge Discussion Library - End May 2016 update

    OCT 2nd 2015 - How to effectively invest/trade Gold stock and make a profit

    OCT 9th 2015 - If you could go back In time to when your first started to get into the share market what advice would you give yourself taking into account all your experiences since then?

    OCT 16th 2015 - Property how effects the market bull or bear Anything really that relates to it Stt

    OCT 23rd 2015 - Resolutions and do they work or not... (If poss related to trading)

    OCT 30th 2015 - The ultimate trade….. The “Ten Bagger”.

    NOV 6th 2015 - How did you find Hotcopper?

    NOV 13th 2015 - 'Sorting out the TECH wheat from the TECH chaff '

    NOV 20th 2015 - Sniper Like Entries - Precise Daily and intraday TA or FA Entry Signals.

    NOV 27th 2015 - Gaps and Depth queue manipulation

    DEC 4th 2015 - How to find a Balance between trading and normal life

    DEC 11th 2015 - Integrity in posting to Share trading Forums

    DEC 18th 2015 - Xmas Rallies Myth or statistical Fact.

    DEC 25th 2015 - Your best 3 stocks of 2015

    DEC 31st 2015 - Stop Losses

    JAN 8th 2016 - General discussion RED week on market

    JAN 15th 2016 - Trading Platforms advantages/ disadvantages and home computer set ups for trading

    JAN 22nd 2016 - Creating your own Trading Strategy and or Trade Management

    JAN 29th 2016 - Experiencing "Major Corrections" and Taking Losses

    FEB 5th 2016 - TAX - and all things to do with Tax and Tax mgmt.

    FEB 12th 2016 - Has to be Market Weakness

    FEB 19th 2016 - No real theme new STT Diary discussion

    FEB 26th 2016 - Topic for this week is OIL

    MAR 4th 2016 - Lithium (wasn't original suggestion but morphed into Li)

    MAR 11th 2016 - European Easing

    MAR 18th - Spotting the next sector/commodity to run 2016-17

    MAR 24th - An in depth look at finding stocks through FA (Easter w/end)

    APRIL 1st - Mechanical Trading (+ Bots, TA and Lithium)

    APRIL 8th - Renewable Energy Boom and Commodities

    APRIL 15thTrading Theme for 2016 / Buy Entries / Commodities Li, Zn, U

    APRIL 22ndOPTIONS (Anzac Long W/end)

    APRIL 29thTrading Strategies

    MAY 6thTA Analysis – Indicators/MA/Candles/Wyckoff/Money Flow/Triangles etc

    MAY 13th - US Elections and Implications

    MAY 20th - ZINC
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