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    "...Can we discuss buying options this weekend on the STT weekend thread? I think it will be supremely useful to those of us amateurs who are just starting to venture there.

    Some possible questions for the weekend thread re options ... @Freehold
    1. When did you first start playing with options? How did it go initially? Was it a steep (and expensive) learning curve?
    2, What is the logic behind options? What does it mean by they are in the money?
    3. Why is it is more profitable and risky?
    4. In your trading history, which stock offered the best trade with options? how many bags did you make?
    5. How do you know what is a good time to buy the heads vs the oppies?
    6. Selling options or converting to heads - logic and procedure (when, why, how).
    7. Do you find it easier to make money with heads compared to options?
    8. What is your best tip regarding trading in options i.e. something you learnt after getting burnt several times? "
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