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    How to enter a STT Tip

    1. To enter a stock into the Short Term Trading Tipping Competition you must create a new post for each tip on either the “Short Term Trading Weekly” or” Short Term Trading Weekend” threads.
    2. Tip MUST begin with the text “STTCOMP” at the top of the post followed by the Ticker, Tip Type and direction of trade. For Example “STTCOMP FMG, FA LongI will perform an automated search to find this text STTCOMP so if you don’t put it in format displayed above I won’t find your submission it doesn’t go in the list. Sorry this is also not negotiable!
    3. Tip MUST:- stipulate whether it is FA (Fundamental analysis Tip) or TA (Technical/charting Analysis tip ). For Example “STTCOMP FMG, FA Short” or “STTCOMP FMG, TA Long” where FMG is the stock ticker. If you intend to tip both FA and TA you need to create two separate hot copper posts; one for that FA Tip and one for the TA Tip.
    4. Tips need to show the direction of the tip either Long (you expect price will rise) or Short (you expect price will fall). If not mentioned I will assume you are tipping stock to go “Long”.
    5. Tip must provide a type of business & country/countries where the main business is/are, For Example, “Iron in Pilbara, Western Australia and Brazil” or “Biotech, Cancer Treatments in based in Canada”.
    6. Tip must provide a detailed description of the “Catalyst” or “Reason” you expect the stock price move. For example, a FA upcoming event/reason or a TA setup which you expect will be the catalyst to move the price of the stock. Ticker only or poor descriptions will void your entry. Also tips which contain a graphic only with no or insufficient supporting text I can copy will not be considered a valid entry. Note: You can provide a graphic with your text submission if you wish (IE a chart, or a picture).
    7. It is also helpful if you can provide the current MCap of the stock and the last known cash balance (available in last Quarterly) for the company.
    See Sample entries below:

    Sample FA (Fundamental Analysis) Entry:-


    Bauxite Explorer in Queensland and WA

    Market Cap $5m, Cash $1.5m.
    Top 5 shareholders hold 80% so very tightly held Fallen from grace last year after its lead Bauxite project Pisolite Hills which was moving towards production and had offtake agreements in place was placed in a mining ban area. Company is pushing ahead with its secondary project Bauxite Hills which is fairly advanced and has a PFS already. Company has the support and backing of major shareholder MTE who has pledged to use its cash reserves to assist in project development. Given the huge rerating of QBL over the past few weeks and the many similarities the 2 companies seem to share, similar tight share structures, favorable locations to port and infrastructure, shallow near surface deposits amenable to free digging and so low cost mining and extraction. CBX might be well positioned for a large rerating too


    Sample TA (Technical/Chart Analysis) Entry:-


    Global mobile payment and transaction processing Perth WA

    Market Cap $12m Cash $3.4m
    The share price increased from 7.6 to a high of 9.8 (28.9%) yesterday after the announcement and then closed at 8.8 (15.8% up). The days candle was a spinning top indicating a change in trend. Today's price action brought the sp to a close of 8.8 (19.32% up) with the sp closing on the days high, another good sign. The volume traded over the last two days is quite high. The momentum indicators are also perking up and trending upwards. As the share price has been in a downtrend the RSI is only at 40.9 so the sp has a way to go before it becomes overbought. The sp has not yet crossed the resistance line of the main downtrend but I'm sure the very high volume traded will push it through.

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