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    Rules of the STT Competition
    1. Lodge tips only on the head stock only (not options or warrants).
    2. Prospect will be live starting from the OPEN on the trading day AFTER the prospect was submitted. Cut off time will be midnight according to Hot Copper time. That is, the time as recorded by Hot Copper on the post itself. This is an attempt to limit day traders flooding/spamming the STT prospects list. The valid prospects will be “alive” for 4 weeks thereafter. Note: Depending on the amount of submissions I receive I may re-published the same prospects several weeks in a row. You should note that many STT setups may take days or several weeks to play out.
    3. No two people can pick the same stock for the same FA event/reason or the same/similar TA Setup in the same 4 week period... So if you want to peg you claim, it is best to give more info than less. Similarly no single person can pick the same stock multiple times for the same FA event/reason or same/similar TA setup within a 4 week period.
    4. I will be taking a hard line with the double entries (TA and FA) for the same stock in the same week going forward as there have been many submissions with a good description of FA and a really poor TA Setup description of vica versa.
    5. To appear in the “Winners Circle” a stock must have a max % increase since posting of +25% for a long position or 25% fall for a short position.
    6. Max % increase/fall is calc'ed as the highest/lowest price reached in the 4 weeks since posting (Uses “Open” price on the day after submission as the starting price).
    7. The "STT 4 week leader board" will be a 4 week rolling list so if you picked a winner 5 weeks ago then you will drop off the 4 week leader board....sorry :-(
    8. New Winning tips will be highlighted in RED each week.
    9. Items highlighted in yellow are "Baggers" or 100%+ gainers. Items in Green are multibaggers or 200%+ gainers

    Important Note: Quality/ Not Quantity – Posters will be rated on how effective they are, for example, if you submit 10 prospects and only 1 rises 25% you will have a Low effectiveness rating of 1 in 10 or 10% you should strive to get as high an effectiveness rating as you can. Effectiveness will only be calculated once you have submitted 10 or more tips
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