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Hi @valen1828I know you were not complaining, but still I had a...

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    Hi @valen1828
    I know you were not complaining, but still I had a look at the tip you mentioned.
    "I had me fewckle wondering if 24.75 something would get me a 25% gain.I still dont know but i got twenty five percent ."

    This is how you get 25% wink.png.
    Open 0.084
    High 0.105
    Gain = (0.105-0.084)/0.084 / 100% = 25%
    Maybe that 0.105 high could be actually 0.1025 (a cross-trade?), but HotCopper and CMC (where I source price data) show it as 0.105. It is consistent with the calculations the program does for every tip.

    "Fib used to post entries like within forty seconds of close time on a sunday or something"
    Just to clarify, people can still do that. If someone submits a tip at 11.59PM, the tip will get the next open.
    Only difference is that I do the scans at 9pm on Sundays as I am unable do scans exactly at or after midnight due to my full time working and personal commitments next morning. But still the tips posted before the midnight are treated same way.
    We have discussed this in detail in this post: Post

    "And throw my support behind colonial", Greatly appreciate that Val!

    Cheers, CC
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