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Its a tight ship Colonial Cousin has in the stt competition ....

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    Its a tight ship Colonial Cousin has in the stt competition . And thread .

    A crux of companionship .Sharing of ideas and an installed integrity in the stt competition.

    Quality over quantity  !

    Although quantity may come through the effort of being able do something for others and share it is just amazing !

    Its not an oxymoron that happens in the market place .

    Its a mantra !

    I had me fewckle wondering if 24.75 something would get me a 25% gain.

    I still dont know but i got twenty five percent .

    Technical trader but stare in wonder why would i bother ?

    I flip coins just like the market .

    Buyer seller broker .

    Someone has run the two up !

    Its sensational if you want put strategy out there for comment .

    Same as the five grander thread !

    Ive saved up three grand so far get behind my own stuff but still waiting to have the balls to do it openly .

    Thats scotching though for funds and many of us stt do !

    Dost mean i cant share though in different ways a mind may work !

    The five grander will test a hardened trader in some ways and shine another through imo

    Perhaps ?

    It has the same merits of the stt and is bloody difficult as many have attested to who do it .

    It can change your concentration.

    I love having a waffle of my thoughts at times .

    File dump coming of charts of random thoughts just for looking at as others maybe more technical with charts im for scanning first simple charting and looking and must swathing portfolio management which is bloody confounding to do

    Short term ,long term, day trading i guess?

    It comes down to something .

    Rum !

    Aussies have had a difficulty with it as many can attest im sure .

    From bad breath to fights in the pub .

    Tis was a currency of seas and Australia .

    I just love the sensation of getting to the bottom of a cubre libre and tasting the lime .

    My glass is normally  that full of lime when i get that taste .

    One last taste of satisfaction .

    Castro !

    Meet them on the beaches yourself .

    And enjoy the cubre libre !

    May never a sword be drawn in anger unless you draw it yourself and match the same sword of power .

    Old saying of gecko who lives behind the picture and friend of frank i think by territory standing of being a reptile .

    And @Peterkd its just some history we ended this way and started a new as the stt .

    I clicked on your reply because it deserves it for being polite when answering the thread or chatting talking with the thread or simply chiming  in.

    Welcome !

    And in someways to the direction for @Colonial Cousin

    I posted this once for Free .

    Fib used to post entries  like within forty seconds of close time on a sunday or something !

    Cant remember his record entry for being at the last minute .

    I loved every minute of the tussle in funny ways it was the stt and still is .

    I just sneak  in some stuff when i can as free says im nostalgia

    And throw my support behind colonial .

    If ever in doubt my fireband society when it comes to being competitive  and running a thread there is this .

    Support of the people who admire the efforts the ability from silent movies to buying them for music ability .

    And an old warehouse of ideas !

    To making fruition and a standout who stood  up .

    Thank you !

    I come across recently with whytegirl saying some of the stt run on five percent alcohol.

    At least you know we are going for at least ten percent to be sober with pdmka3 the best sections of wines  .

    Are still the selection.

    Whites red or champagne .

    I can only attest at my young age you have shown maturity above the passion pop .

    Which i still drink for best bang for buck .

    Cork off explosion it does it better than top champagnes .

    Without a shake up .

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