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Just as Trump was starting his re-election campaign?This sent...

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    Just as Trump was starting his re-election campaign?

    This sent REE's backwards. Sold out and offset 10% profit on PM8 with a 10% loss on PEK. Wait for the result of the meeting, and live to fight another day. The US are aware they are vulnerable in this area, so this story will continue.

    Ran for the hills when CLA started to get the wobbles yesterday. Turned into a waterfall, but it found support today and bounced. I still don't know what's driving it upwards, so I'll look for another bus now.

    E25 had a nice Investor Presentation today for their manganese project. No mention about REE.

    FMG driven up by iron ore prices again.

    NET looking pretty strong after a dip yesterday.
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